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July 13, 2006


Thom Bishop

So lucidly put. Its nice to know there are other people who are having the right ideas, and theyre not getting too hurt (at least physically) by the mess they find themselves in. I imagine youre very proud of your daughter...

I came across your blog following the link on your comment on the moderate voice article today, because I appreciated what youd said - it was basically what I was trying to say, in faaar fewer words.

It seems your daughter is equally capable of insightful wisdom, the likes of which I can only aspire to!

Take care,

Lisa Williams

Beautifully written! I know you know how lucky you are, proud father.

Caitlin's words bring to mind, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

I invite everyone to contribute their voice, (dollars are not solicited) at www.one.org

Meantime, I'll end with the mantra I discuss with my 7 year old son, "Moms dream of a world without guns."



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