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July 03, 2006


Dave Schuler

I've been posting about this, too, Dan. I think it's a horrible situation. One thing troubles me about Chesnoff's article, this single phrase:

“the civilian population of Gaza”

The problem is that, from a formal standpoint, the entire population of Gaza and the West Bank is civilian. There are no military or military targets there. That's what's really troubling about the whole situation. If you accept the recent Palestinian elections as democratic (I've repeatedly expressed my reservations on that), it's not an army that Israel faces, it's a people. And the Israelis have no way to prosecute a campaign other than by attacking civilian targets.


That's true, Dave, and therein lies Israel's peril. Which is why Sharon had decided to leave Gaza and much of the West Bank. Israel cannot win a war against civilians, but also, I believe that most Israelis don't want to fight a war against civilians (I have a bit of first-hand knowledge of this) and that the government realizes that it cannot. However, it also can't ignore rockets and incursions to kidnap soldiers.

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