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June 18, 2006



Happy Father's Day, Daniel.


Happy Father's Day, Son, and many, many more. Your father would be so proud of his boys and glad that memories can elicit such wonderful poetry-cause this was NOT prose-it's too great for that. You have a talent for making me cry and even your brothers share the emotion. Thank you and God Bless.

Older Bro

It's been a rough few days, getting ready for the move up to Doug & Dennie's, packing, loading the truck, trying to keep control of said truck -- in some cases over unfamiliar roads because my usual route lead just past the US Open -- waking this morning to unload, all at the start of the first real heat wave of the year. My muscles ache, but everything is in the house -- somewhere. I still have much to do in the next few days, but for now it's time to relax.

So I click on the link to your blog on Dennie's computer, and I can almost imagine being along with you, for I too know where everything is. I'm fine until the end and the flower and the presumed conversation about Caitie -- and I start to cry. But it's one of those good cries, full of memories and sadness for what could have/should have been, but that really remind you of what's really important.

Thanks younger bro.


Thanks, everybody.

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