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June 23, 2006


Dave Schuler

You and I and I think McQ at QandO Blog all see this similarly. That gives me a little more confidence in the idea. My additional question is whether this group would have posed any threat whatever at any time had they not been egged on by the FBI infiltrator.

I suppose we can take a certain amount of heart in that this story provides prima facie evidence that the folks working for the FBI now see identifying and stopping terrorists as a possible basis for a career. Better than the way it was in 2001.


Yeah, Dave I agree that it is a good thing if law enforcement has ramped up the effort. And if in fact this is evidence as you suppose, this also might tell us that the threat, while real, may not be as organized as is being portrayed.


No doubt you and Dave are both very close to target regarding this case.

BUT, it is incumbent upon me to remind that even "two of the dimmest bulbs" in the evening sky were able to wreck havoc with Americans' sense of security....

Beltway snipers John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo.


Who says terrorists need to be cunning and brilliant? Isn't it possible they simply sucked? (They suck b/c : 1. They're terrorists and 2. They're morons.)

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