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June 12, 2006


Older Bro

Just take care of the leg.

It's not just Pittsburgh that has had an actual Spring this year. It seems to be most of the northeast. One of the NYC weather reports remarked the same thing a few weeks ago. It has been rather rainy the past few weekends, but the reports for this coming weekend look dry. Good, considering the move this weekend.

Unfortunately the rain drenched this year's Hungarian festival in New Brunswick, NJ. Pity since this is the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising. I was able to pick up an interesting DVD, primarily of a 1986 BBC documentary on the 30th anniversary. (There's also some archival material from CBS and NBC.)


Everytime I get sick of political blogging, I just take a short break and wait and something really big or stupid (or both) happens and I get inspired.


I was away from the computer for about nine hours and just heard the evening news about Roethlisberger. I figured I had check with the greatest Pittsburgh fan on the chance you might have the local updates.

I was excited to find you had posted....and NOT at all excited to read some of the details. You did some fudging. And I, true to form, blabbled.

I am sorry that all "your stars seem misaligned" right now. But you have family and friends who care about you, your well-being, and your happiness.

I agree with Bro....the health issues are priority #1. Take care of yourself.

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