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June 13, 2006


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I really need to get back to posting these round-ups again. Heres whats caught my eye today: Dan Berczik of Bloggledygook posts what I hope is only the first in a series of food-blogs on recent trip to Paris and London. I havent ... [Read More]



Well done, Daniel, I could almost taste the tartare! I would have opted for your choices of fare sans the profiterole.

Was that their only dessert option?


Sherry isn't a profiterole fan, either. There was a creme brulee, of course, a lemon tarte, chocolate mousse. We don't do dessert often, but it seemed a shame to pass it up.

Most bistros will have a prix fixe menu wherein they offer, for one price, either an entree and plat, plat and dessert or all three. I went for the whole shebang. Sherry displayed more self-control.


Creme brulee! When in France....


I really enjoyed the article and I think we are staying in the same studio appartment in two weeks. M. Esteves is our contact person as well. Would you mind droping me a line with other places to eat or things to do or not do in the neighborhood? thank you. Anthony

[email protected]

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