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June 28, 2006


Dave Schuler

Perhaps a more apt analogy than Nero would be the Senate of Constantinople, capital of Rome's empire in the east, that legendarily was debating the gender of angels as the Ottoman Turks laid siege to the city.


Go ahead, Dave. Just display how much smarter you are. I can take it.


Of course, we could have Nero and the Senate. That would be novel.

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I think your opening post here is very insightful, sir. I definitely hate Bush for all the reasons that you point out that he fails as a leader, however I can respect your reasoned approach to the issue. You can agree with Bush's policies without agreeing with his incompetence, partisanship and using patriotism as bludgeon rather than a bond to strengthen Americans. I think that no legislation is needed to outlaw flag burning. I wouldn't want to be caught burning a flag. That's going to result in someone getting up in my face yelling me down or kicking my ass, and rightfully so. That's how it should be.

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