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May 04, 2006



Living the rest of his life in a super max prison in solitary is much better than death, which would have been a easy way out.


I agree with you (again), Daniel. It felt right to me, probably because I didn't want to elevate him to martrydom. I'm ambivalent toward the death penalty but I'm moving toward opposing it on principle. A lifetime in supermax is a fine result.


Given that he wanted to be a martyr via suicide, I can't see a more fitting punishment than to force him to sit in a cell the rest of his life. I do wish they'd stick him with a hot poker every now and then...


I understand the sentiments, here, but I'm not so sure I agree fully. I don't think that solitary is a better or more fitting punishment, just the right one, the only alternative to making this into a hollow catharsis. When we decide that we are bound by laws, we must follow them regardless of how sickening it may be. Otherwise. we're just making it up as we go, kind of like how the Bush Administration operates.

Older Bro

As you said, we have since disagreed about how to collect that blood, but this is one of those times we do.


Hot poker, I say.


a lot of him at the Mental Health Institutes

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