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April 30, 2006



You're absolutely right. Move along, people. There's nothing to see here. Just keep shopping, keep driving, keep sporting those yellow ribbon magnets and everything will be just fine. The last thing we need it anybody mucking things up by thinking.

Dave Schuler

AQP, I'm impressed. I've never been asked about it and you're the first one to pick up on it.


Dave (not you Schuler),

You lugubrious little twit. One must come to a moment when all the petulence of youth gives way to wisdom. Your moment will come, perhaps. In the mean time, you may continue to suck at the teat of the dying bitch of culture. There is, in fact, nothing to "see" here, except for the spectacle of empty heads filling up with bilge.

Cousin X

Well, Mr. AQP, it has drawn more comments than your pathetic little speil by several orders of magnitude, and I seriously doubt that anyone has heeded your tired advice to repent. As a proselyte of the Church of Rome, as well as a social critic, I guess you're pretty much a dud. Maybe you'd best get back to your quest for knowledge, faith and enlightenment .... and good luck, you clearly need at least two of the three.


Excuse me, what was that? Another gnat wishing to partake of a drop? While you have so mortally wounded me, I can hardly carry on. My eyes have been opened as to the wretchedness of my existence. Why? Because another dimwit says it's so!

Cousin X

Foresooth, the stalwart word-warrior strikes again, lunging with his irony-envenomed blade! Verily, say he that another is but a gnat (albiet a gnat who can type -- such a strange world!), then must it be so. And yet his professed wounds, mortal though they be, seem to have blearied his penetrating occular organs .... he has clearly admitted his own dimwithood, but has mistaken yours truly for another like unto him.


Sir, or Madame, or whatever. You are a knave and an idiot, evidenced by the subjects that attract your adolescent attention and your feeble attempt at insult.


but maybe, "snowjob" will fall in love with colbert, ala marcus and mercia (how disappointingly obvious a name), and the world will be healed!

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