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April 22, 2006



I don't get it.


No doubt your solicitor will be eager to learn how many translations of "No eating allowed" were posted. I'm sure you speak one that was not proffered.



Of course you don't.


I pay no heed to signage of any sort, as I find the leafletting of the environment vulgar and reprehensible. My solicitor appears to be incommunicado at the moment, but I am confident that by Monday morning I shall hear good news.


Last nite I was in the mood for a little nosh. Checked the cupboard and found two tins of Crown Prince Smoked Oysters. Opened and drained them, then decided to kick 'em up a notch with some Lemix Hot 'n Spicy Wing Sauce. Oh yeah, babe! Went back to the comfy chair, flipped on the TV and was just about to take that first bite when I had an inspiration. And what an inspiration it turned out to be! I got a few triangles of soft Austrian Alps cheese, and put little hunks on each oyster. MAN OH MAN WAS THAT GOOD!!!! Something about the cheese went so well with the hot 'n spicy sauce and the deep smokey flavor and texture of the oysters. Magnificent!

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