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April 21, 2006



AQP: #1 Twit, reporting for duty. I adore eggs, consider yourself warned.

Daniel is such the adventurer.



I have picked up the gantlet (no archaic spelling for me) and await whatever challenge you might propose. Be aware of my superior powers of argument, although I might caution you not to take counsel of your prejudices.


"I'm at heart a monarchist." I've been hanging around so-called moderate blogs for a while now, Daniel, and this is the first time I've happened across a pro-monarchist slant. It borders on refreshing, largely because it's novel by today's standards (gotta dig out the Federalist Papers to figure out why it's a bad idea). Appreciate your curmudgeon sense of the current state of politics- the masses and the pandering pols. Somehow, we've earned this and it isn't pretty.


My dear ckreiz,

You obviously have impeccable taste, although crediting the proprietor of this blog with any original thought is a bit irritating.


That's what I get for glancing at the post. I was surprised Daniel had endorsed monarchies- but hey, he's a keen observer so I gave him doubt's benefit. Now I find it's the work of a guest. Hmm... I'm still impressed that a centrist blog anywhere endorses the notion of a monarchy. It's such an immoderate pose.

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