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March 09, 2006



Even though the houses built to handle the influx of immigrants and black workers to the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania have been decried over and over again-They were homes that a family could occupy and later purchase, albeit a long time later. Some of the best kept homes in the area were the row houses of the Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Black, etc., miners of the era. Also, this housing withstood repeated floods and the ultimate disaster of lost jobs when the mines closed. The Katrina house is an even more attractive type of housing and of course, would not appeal to those who would keep the masses in their place.


Exactly. I couldn't have said it better. And I didn't.

sue spilsbury

At $35,000/house, who cares if FEMA should give them away? The price of a small lot and this house could be financed for less than anyone pays in rent. Wouldn't there be a bank that would finance this, and an insurance company that would insure it?


If it is cheaper and better why isn't FEMA pushing Congress to permit this? I'll tell you why, because the folks at FEMA are employees NOT public servants.

Henry Bailey

for $55.00 per sq.foot-- you can build these little things ALL day long in Oklahoma or Arkansas and that includes--labor--ALL labor--how do I know-- I am a builder--so I would say the arch. or the mayor or the GOVERNMENT- is again, as always got their hand deep in the taxpayers pocket!!!!!


I visited a factory in Indiana that builds a wide range of similar houses at a cost of $29 per square foot. This raises the question as to why there is a need to reinvent the wheel here?

vicki nikitin

These cute little houses would be suitable for low income housing and senior housing. FEMA is probably getting a good cut from the builders who think low income is a $100,000 house.

I am getting read to downsize and I fully intend to try and get one.


I am concerned that the Katrina House for $35,000 is essentially less than half the size of a 14 foot wide Mobile Home, or about the size of a one car garage. Compare the price, size, and manufacture requirements and you will find the Mobile Home to be equal not only in price, but in quality... as well as twice the size. Another comparison is that of a "pre-fab" portable garage which has the floor built in! The structure itself costs initially $6,200 (with transport to the site), and only requires the finishing... along with extra 2x4s to create walls with 12 inch on center... much stronger walls... The cost of a bathroom and kitchen is the only major cost, as well as additional windows... but can be accomplished with quality materials for about $6,000. Add cost of furnace/Air/tankless hot water heater as well as misc costs and you would essentially have the same quality of a house as the Katrina House... for 1/2 the cost... Would I live in such a unit... YES because I would have enough money saved from the expense of a Katrina Home to do a large room addition... or add a second floor (the walls would support that without a problem).


what a shame I live here in what I call Katrinaville gulfport ms and I see these cottages everyday going down landon road we have homeless people here and a butt load of new homes I am ashamed to be an American right now,we need to help united states first.What about our vets.Shame on all of us.

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