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March 28, 2006


Older Bro

The Reagan administration has been taking a hit the past few days. Lyn Nofziger died on Monday.



Yeah, I saw that. Thanks for reminding me.


Hey, Daniel. Nice commentary on Caspar. He always seemed like a serious thinker. It's unfortunate that his reputation was tarnished by Iran-Contra.

Slightly off topic- you wrote this comment over at Donklephant:

"This is why conservative thinkers articulate their philosophy better than liberal thinkers do. The conservative thinker has a home base from which he operates, whereas a liberal thinker must start each new task from scratch."

I've always found that conservative writers articulate themselves much more clearly than their liberal counterparts. Perhaps this is why. I'd sure like you to expound upon your thoughts in this regard.

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