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February 20, 2006



Considering how many countries and their citizens "hate" us, it amazes me that they refuse to put the money where their mouths are but rather invest on the US soil/companies which is in such a "sorry state" of affairs according to the daily MSM news reports.

I learned a few years ago that our local water company had been purchased and was now a subsidiary of a French Company...btw they have now put before the PSC a request for a FIFTY PER CENT INCREASE over the next three years. I believe it's just an attempt to get us buying Evian instead of drinking tap water -- no doubt it will end up being a cheaper solution for us than this price increase.


Nice post, Daniel.

By the way- bad boy chef Tony Bourdain says no Billy Joel? I'm totally impressed by the reference. I had no idea who he was.

Dave Schuler

You know where I stand on this, Dan. And you're right: not only have the media, the politicians, and the blogosphere (mostly) gone have half-cocked on this they're putting themselves in a pickle. Okay, let's say just for the sake of argument that, in fact, we are at war with all Muslims in general and Arabs in particular. Not my position but let's just suppose.

Don't you think that for strategic reasons we should be picking and choosing our battles? Where's the proportion? We have many more serious opponents than Dubai, for goodness sake.

I think there's a perfectly reasonable argument that we should be tightening up on the security in our ports. Shouldn't that apply equally to port operations run by British companies (who are quite capable of hiring Muslims) as well as to Dubai companies?



I couldn't have said it better.

I just watched C. Krauthammer, whom I respect highly, be completely ignorant on this issue. Doesn't bode well.


Bourdain is a god, a lanky asshole who writes like a woodsprite on crack. Check him out.


I checked out some of Bourdain's videos on Travelchannel.com, including "no Billy Joel in my kitchen." What a riot. The guy's got a machine gun for a mouth. Thanks for the tip, Daniel.


Brilliant, Daniel. Absolutely brilliant.
\end flattery


Thanks, V.

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