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January 31, 2006



And this is more significant now than it was in January of 2003 when folks like me were saying, "Iraq? What about Iran? I don't believe all the breathless, so-called 'intelligence' about Iraq. We should see to Iran and North Korea."

Now, North Korea and Iran have or will have in short order the Bomb...

And Iraq had no chance of having it in the same time-frame, but apparently that FACT wasn't on the Bush radar.


Where is the accountability?

Oh, right, I forgot, they are busy "fighting terrorism" by violating both laws and the Constitution where civil liberties and freedoms are involved.

Excuse me?

Do the math.


If I remember correctly, Iran and NK were both included in the "axis if evil" SOTU. No matter how inept the Iraq campaign has been carried out, and regardless of whether civil liberites are being violated (still no real evidence yet, but I'm expecting it any day now) it is at least possible that movinginto Iraq was strategic, isn't it? How better to deal with Iran than to have an army next door?

In Jan 2003 I was also talking about Iran (I can't prove that, I wasn't blogging then) but the two countries are not mutually exclusive.


I just heard an interview of someone from Iran who opposes the current President of that nation while still being a personal friend of the man. The person interviewed (some type of political science professor, believe it or not) noted that there is a faction in Iran calling for an Iranian nuclear weapon because of the example of Iraq. To wit: Iraq didn't have the Bomb and they were attacked by the US. North Korea HAS the Bomb with equal evidence of WMD capability as Iraq, but they were NOT attacked by the US, therefore, if Iran has the Bomb, Iran will NOT be attacked by the US.

In other words, despite the crowing about how Lybia supposedly caved because of the war in Iraq (an assertion I dispute, that change in policy was in the works BEFORE the current Iraq War, the signs were there to see), the effects of the war were NOT to *discourage* Iran due to a threat "next door" but to give supporting data to a certain faction pushing for development of the Bomb.

Think about that for a while.

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