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October 14, 2005


Laurence Simon

Even if Ted invented a mind-control ray, he'd never be able to build it because the childish drawings he'd call blueprints would be totally out of scale and utterly incomprehensible.


Great stuff. I laughed out loud at the Ted Rall banquet, and again at the LS comment.

Thanks for sharing.

For a fun contrast, try reading Kos or Rall, and then something by Victor Hanson. Careful! Your brain may stall, as this exercise is like shifting from first gear to fifth.


I tried to trackback to you but it didn't work. Anyway, excellent Post and I will link to you. Congrats!


Anyone who voted for Bush is a Goddamned fucking idiot. Fuck them.

Yes, maybe he's just using hyperbole, but in Ted's case, I'm not so sure. He's a true believer, after all. In any case, I thought that it was progressives first and foremost who preached tolerance and openminded-ness (heh). Maybe we all just project what we aren't. Indeed, some of the most violent and narrow minded people I've ever known were anti-war folks.


Sorry about that. TypePad has been creaky lately. I haven't been able to send trackbacks, either. If anybody wants a link, let me know and I'll put it in the body of the post.

Jim Hoft

That was brilliant. Yes, even the left must get tired of Ted after a while. Poor guy!... He's already reached the cellar, there's no place left to go!


Never been here before. I am part of your latest Instalanch, a mere one among ten thousand. Heh.


I dont know, pretty impressive. The man takes time out from bashing widows and dead soldiers to repond to your blog.

Jim "Instalanche" Treacher

Don't take it personally. Ted's been a mite twitchy ever since he found out Santa's going to kill him.

This may be a good time for bloggers to Google bomb Ted Rall and get people to your post. I've made my contribution. I see your name, Laurence. Let's get busy.


This may be a good time for bloggers to Google bomb Ted Rall.



I just got my own Instalanche as well; you're dead-bang about basking in the glow....

Poor Ted Rall, so outraged and articulate, so powerful and influential....I guess that's why he gets printed in freebie liberal rags in the city and only his elitist pals can afford a computer and the connection to get to his website. And how exactly does the F-bomb, ad hominem attacks, and insanity win converts? Oh, yeah, gotta take the people's guns first.....

sigh -- it's not even much fun taking apart what isn't originally that well-built.....miserablism is truly a scourge


I exchanged emails with Ted Rall once or twice, like you say, he is so busy making himself look foolish I don't think even he understands a single word he writes.

Maybe because I work in theater, but I know lots of people in their 30s who still every single week make "spitting, incoherent rant[s]". Too bad they never took debate, or learned how to analyze arguments, it's all about emotion and what feels right to many people.

What I really love is when they try to tell me why I have certain positions. (Because i am rich, or grew up rich, was never poor, knew poor people, lived with non-white people, etc.) None of which is true, but they need to believe I am "just incapable of understanding" because of the background they decided I have.

No matter how many times i tell people I used to vote Democrat, was a socialist but didn't know it, was against Israel, they never remember that i realized i was wrong, they keep telling me that I always believed what I do now because I am a rich white male racist.

And these are my liberal "friends".

Once I wasted an instalanche. I sent Glenn an email that he actually posted but it was just an email with my real name and no url. Man I am still hoping for an instalance someday.


I didn't realize that Ted Rall was still alive. Good, I doubt anyone can torment him as much as he torments himself. It must suck to live in his world.

Robert Liss

Is that Ted Rall or Ted Baxter?


I don't know who Ted Rall is...misc. dickhead?...Just riding the Instalanche...nice peice, see ya round!

Francis W. Porretto

If I were Ted Rall -- and thank God, I'm not -- I wouldn't arrogate the privilege of judging the intelligence of others. Especially not on the basis of their votes. But then, I'm not a nationally syndicated cartoonist. Those folks must have privileges not available to Ph.D.s in physics with 200-plus IQs.

Rall is symptomatic of the national disease: the replacement of argument over means by accusations of stupidity or evil motives. Someone must have told him at an early age that he was incapable of being wrong about anything, and that therefore anyone who disagreed with him must be either an idiot or a villain. Unfortunately for him, the universe has very strict rules. Not only can the exalted Ted Rall be wrong, but by representing himself as the Supreme Judge of others' intellect and motives, he's guaranteed he'll never, ever learn anything from someone who knows something he doesn't. He'll die in exactly the state of ignorance and malevolence he occupies today.


Dude. What if Ted Rall IS following you and keeping track of what you read?

Jim Treacher

"He'll die in exactly the state of ignorance and malevolence he occupies today."

Death threat! DEATH THREAT!!!



Well, I just burned all my back copies of Playthang and Cooking Light. Next, I'm going to scrub the hard drive and go to my undisclosed location.

And Treacher, I expected more from you. Oh wait, no I don't. Continue, please.

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