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September 25, 2005



Thanks for both the kind words and the links.

Regarding traffic, I'm not sure what yours has been doing, but I've noticed there are two huge factors in determining traffic:

1) How often you update. If you miss a day, traffic drops by around 50% (at least for me) for at least two days.

2) What is going on in the world. If there is a huge story out there (New Orleans inundated, etc...), then traffic goes up, but it goes DOWN again when the ADD kicks in with the general public and they are no longer enthralled by the latest disaster/event.

Cynical? Perhaps, but as I've quoted before, cynicism is nothing but broken-hearted idealism.


Yeah, Jack, my brother says the same thing, essentially.

As I emailed you, I want it to be said that I am not making this commitment because of traffic, or the lack of it. I have for too long made common cause where I shouldn't have and used shorthand to substitute for thought. You have been an example for me, and for one, I am happy that you're around the blogosphere.

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