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September 27, 2005



Just wanted to post here, good job. The media has fallen to below tabloid journalism standards, I would bet that even The National Enquier does better fact checking and the Media's "coverage" of Katrina is a perfect example. Say what ever you heard from anyone who speaks into the mic so that the other channels don't get to it first never mind if it's true; "Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead" Of course I must say that the people have no one to blame but themselves, by continuing to watch the networks they reinforce this behavior and I too am not immune from scorn. I also will turn on the networks and flip thru to see what they say even it is to see how wrong they are which in our age of information they know I am watching and it adds to their ratings. It is not an easy tightrope to walk and although I see the light at the end of the tunnel in the age of the internet and blogs the tunnel is still a long one. Courage.
P.S. Sorry I couldn't resist the swipe.


Welcome, Michael. And please return often.

You're right that we have only ourselves to blame, and much the same can be said in reference to government. I'm not certain how long the tunnel is, and I'm not certain we're moving fast enough to get to the end before it's bricked over.

Last week I wrote a post about Simon Wiesenthal that got exactly no notice. The other day I was fiddling around and saw that Don Adams had died. So I did a Google blogsearch. Wiesenthal: 4,046 references. Adams: 55,579.

On Mother Google it was Wiesenthal: 4,450,000. Adams: 31,500,000.

I liked Get Smart as much as anybody, but am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?


It is unfortunate, but we live in a TV world, I would not doubt that the huge difference in numbers is based on the fact that more people know who Don Adams was than knew who Wiesenthal was. Also I would not doubt that if you asked most people my age or younger, I am 32, what they thought about what Wiesenthal did they would respond, "Dude, aren't the nazi's already gone? That is so last century" It is a side effect of the culture. A great book about what TV has done to the country is, "Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Showbuisness Age" by Neil Postman. I watch very little Commerical TV other than Cartoons(I may be 32 but I refuse to grow up)mostly because nothing else on regular TV interests me. But for most of the Country why bother with real people who do real Nazi Hunting when you can watch fake people hunt down fake criminals and have everything nicely solved in 60 minutes? I do not know who said it but a great phrase was, "We no longer worry about Big Brother watching us, we are watching Big Brother" and as long as we are watching TV we aren't paying attention to the outside real world. Sad but true. Sadder still is the people who watch the most TV and know the least about anything else are usually the ones who are most vocal about "all the wrong things America does" because they do not know of all the real things that America does for the good. Besides Mr. Wiesenthal was Jewish and we all know the Jews really created the Nazis to force the creation of Isreal. Not kidding I have seen that dumbass theory put forward. Sickening huh? Another reason for the difference in numbers.


You are saying you didn't want to give your hollow opinion on some issues and yet you do. I am sorry to be say this but you are a big fucking dumbass. Mary Mapes has served this country for a quarter of a century and has broken some of the biggest news stories. What I don't understant is your stubborn attachment to your own biased opinion on this issues and not to the facts. The memos were never proved false. They never never proved authentic. Why can't you just look at the other side of the argument? Why can't you take anything that's against the president? Maybe it's time for you to have an unbiased look at the issue and look at the issues as a sane person and leave your bias aside. Mary Mapes is the greatest producer CBS has ever had. She was someone CBS had to get rid of to appease the White House because she was bring to public attention truths that the White House didn't want people to know...


Uh, yeah. Whatever.

You have a hard time with comprehension, don't you? Having opinions is why I write here and came to opinion like everybody else.

Are you convinced that everything CBS says is above reproach? Is that your opinion? Have you bothered to look around here? Have you not seen criticism of te president? Hmmm? You simpletons seem to think that it's either one way or another. Bush can be a failure and still the memoes can be forgeries. You inability to make that very small step shows that you are the idiot.

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