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July 06, 2005



Daniel: How do you feel about the matter? Perhaps you've discussed this before and I missed it?

Personally, I'm glad reporters have to be accountable for their actions. For goodness sakes, they contributed to the revelation of the identity of a CIA agent! Such action puts that agent's life at risk.

As for protecting sources, I support a reporter's ability to do so, but not in cases like this one.


Honestly, V, sometimes I'm thinking one way and sometimes the other. But this is what strikes me:

If reporters are made to divulge sources routinely, then we do not have a truly independent press.

That said, I find it odd that Novak, for all his obfuscation seems to be sailing along. My only comclusion is that he has already testified. Otherwise, why not go after him?

There has been a discussion raging in the listserv for Media Bloggers about this today. The number of opinions are about equal to the amount of members.

This, let's be clear, is a civil action, not a criminal one. I'm not with the faction that thinks this is tantamount to another Watergate. Yet. But if it can be proved that the "outing of Plame was a vindictive action on the part of the White House, the Off With Their Heads.

I suspect that he truth is something less sinister, and if it is, I think that Miller and Cooper are wasting capital on a silly story.

On principle, I support a reporters right to protect sources. On principle, I support the public's right to know.

So what did he say?

Cooper got clearance from his source. Miller may already have the same but is making a point. Miller should out her source.

Another thing, though. Democrats better be careful. This kind of political gotcha, if that is what it is, almost always ends up with the accusers getting splattered with the dung.


Let me add this:

At this point Miller is only protecting an amorphous construct of Press Freedom and confidentiality. She is not protecting a source.

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