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June 30, 2005



The in which this article was written shows how biased this writer is. This article lacks objectivity. I do not know Bandar personally but I know Saudi Arabia. From my own experience, most of what you have written, with great respect, is totally wrong. I advice the writer to be more objective, in order to gain the credibility and trust of the reader. I am Saudi and I admit we have a lot of problems and we have a very long way to go, such most countries in our level of development. We need to address those problems and we have been very late to do so. Saudi Arabia is in great need for reform. Yet, what you have written is a clear bias. To my mind, you have chosen the wrong direction to deliver your message. You could have delivered your point of view without making false statements and relying on improper language.


So what's your point? Contrary to what you may believe, I am merely reporting the truth. The Saudi family has supported radical Wahhabism throughout the world and holds too much influence in Washington, especially with the Bush famly. If that's biased, so what? It happens to be the truth.

Exactly what written here is "totally wrong?" Please point to specific points where I am in error.

Bill Clinton

Natalee Holloway

Is she with the Bandar? Where is Bandar's money floating around the Caribbean? Bandar was at the HI the night Nat went missing.

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