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June 28, 2005



Daniel: Do you view the speech as a sign that the Bush Administration realizes it is not winning the battle in the public eye? Polls show support is waning, after all. Moreover, Clinton was often criticized for following polls closely. Should Bush be chastised similarly? Sorry, I know this is your blog, but I'd be fascinated to hear your opinion.



Sorry I didn't get back last night. I do think that the speech was somewhat defensive in nature, although I don't feel that he should have come out with some "new initiative" like some pundits have been saying on the tube. And I agree that the president shouldn't be flapping in the wind of polls. In a way, the Rovian strategy is a lot like the Clinton "permanent campaign." But, I think that part of the problem is the public perception that the president has allowed his attention to be distracted by Social Security, etc.

Honestly, I would love one of these days for Bush to get on the stump and admonish the nation to not be cowed by setbacks. Sometimes the lack of resolve and demands for immediate success make we want to scream. I know that in a way it has always been thus, but you would think that more people would remember why we got in this fight in he first place and not try to use it to make some cheap points. Thing is, Bush isn't doing battle as well as he used to. Maybe it's just the last 3 1/2 years of constant battle, but although he seems resolute, I think I have caught a shimmer of fatigue.

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