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June 29, 2005



Daniel: This is the best post I've read in a long while. Your father has reaped what he's sown -- a wonderful family that appreciates all that he's done for them.


Make that "Your father and mother have reaped what they've sown -- a wonderful family that appreciates all that he's done for them."


Beautiful post, Daniel. There's something special about growing your own garden vegetables.

Perhaps President Bush would be having less problems with the polls if all Americans had their own little "Victory" gardens...visions of the "Greatest Generation" who seemed to understand sacrifice and "growing" freedom and democracy.

Oh, do you also use that little trick I use on my tomato plants - I pick a large green one from each plant - it seems to get the others ripening faster.

I have also become a fan of "fried green tomatoes" since I started utilizing this speed-up process.


I had never heard of that. It really works? Why do you think?

And Vavoom,
thanks for your kind words.


Stressing a tomato plant is practiced by many gardeners...involves cutting back the roots.

I am too fond of my tomatoes (and too much of a coward) to attempt that. An old gardener told me to pull one green one off each plant (I think of it as gentle stressing)to set them turning.

Perhaps it's my timing (and they would have turned anyway), but I have had luck with the procedure.

Try it on one plant, Daniel. Or be very brave and do the root chop!

Older Bro

You're gonna make Mom cry -- again, but, as she said before, in a good way. :-)

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