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June 28, 2005



He's a talented artist with a strange perspective on life. Only a guy with a "tumor inside his head that's the size of a basketball" would deny the uniqueness of 9/11. Has he lost touch with his roots?


Yeah, V, you're right. He is talented. Or used to be. Maybe that's what bothers me about this. If he can really engage in this type of twisted thinking, how talented is he really? And what does that have to say about my taste in filmmakers?


Well, I think he's still talented, but woefully lost. There's plenty of talented actors/actresses/filmakers that are simply out of touch with the rest of us "schleps." As a consequence, they may develop a bizarre view of the world. (Keep in mind, I'm not saying all people in the movie making industry have this problem!) Despite their political views, you still can't deny their ability to make films. I don't think his take on 9/11 should take away from his artistic ability, it just makes me less likely to witness his "genius" in action in the theatres.


And there you have it. You just said what I have been thinking. I am less inclined to witness Woody's art now than I was a few years ago. My problem, really; he doesn't care or know who I am. But my tiny bit of protest will at least prevent some morsel from feeding his machine. Power to the people!

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