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May 28, 2005


Brian H

More like craven ass-kissing, I think. OTOH, put up a video of yourself using the Bible as toilet paper, and see what you get! LOL!


But....burning the American Flag is an expression of "free speech"?

Check the drinking water...brains are being polluted or should I say diluted.

Robert Mayer

Great find, Daniel. Does this mean that we can't be intolerant of the same Islamists who blow up buildings?


Tenets three and four sound like the manifesto points of the multi-cultural Left.

First, people who draft laws that are worded in the future conditional tense (ie. "should") ought to be shot. It is not lawmaking, it's posturing.

Second, the phrase, "...calls upon local, State, and Federal authorities to work to prevent bias-motivated crimes..." mouths the left's answer to crime prevention: another bill urging the enforcement of past bills. Conyers has drafted a bill to urge the enforcement of bills that call upon the prevention of crimes that are outlawed in bills, that... Pure Gobbledygook!

Lastly, point 4 is pure "Hate Crimes" nonsense. Can you think of a crime that doesn't involve bias. If a poor teenager robs a 7-11, he has a "mental leaning or inclination"* to gain the funds in the cash-drawer for himself.

If I was an American Muslim, I'd be insulted by Conyer's patronizing posturing in this bill. "Craven ass-kissing" is right!
* Webster's New World Dictionary, definition of bias: 2. a mental leaning or inclination; partiality; bent.

-keith in mtn. view

Holy-hypocrisy, Batman! If they replaced "Islam" and "Islamic" with "Christian," and "Quran" with "Bible" there would be a riot!
BTW - laws that are worded in the future conditional tense (ie. "should") ought to be shot. That should be grounds for abrupt dismissal, the "law" or whatever it is immediately null and void.

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