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April 27, 2005



Hey! Rhodes was only joking. Ha, ha, ha! Just harmless fun, right? (!sarcasm!)

I've met high-schoolers who hide their ignorance under a veil of humor. If you're smiling as you say something ridiculous, or seditious, you can always say, "But I was only joking." It's an adolescent ploy utilized to avoid responsibility for one's drivel.

Helm's excuse, well, nut-jobbery mixed with crowd-pleasuring. It is amazing what people will say when surrounded by a friendly audience.


That will be the defense, of course. Repubs can't take a joke, etc. The left is coming apart at the seams and Rhodes typifies the modern leftist: clueless, arrogant and violent.


True Story: I was a high school intern for Jesse Helms in the Spring of 95 at the time of the "Fort Bragg Clinton Shotgun Incident." I believe his exact quote was something like "If Bill Clinton goes down to North Carolina, he better bring a shotgun, because I don't think we can guaruntee his safety." I don't think he ever apologized either. My recollection is that Helms' staff softball team that spring called themselves "Helms' Hitmen" and they had T-Shirts made (I got one) that said "If you play us, you better bring a shotgun."

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