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April 27, 2005


Robert Mayer

Sucks for them. Thinking about it, the Republicans haven't been making a lot of smart moves recently with regards to some of the controversy being floated around. Certainly, they haven't done a good job fighting back. Kind of taking it up where God didn't intend it to be taken.

One thing they should probably be going after is the 4-5 Democrats who the ethics committee hasn't been able to investigate due to ethics violations because it has been stalled up. One of them is Nanci Pelosi, for the reasons of creating multiple PACs for contributions. How is that NOT a big deal?


Well, I'm willing to bet that this will be another case of "be careful of what you wish for." The Dems will likely get caught in near future (you know there are Reps looking for wome dirt) and get hoisted on their own pitard (hey! another cliche! how does he do it?). Both Pelosi and Boxer have similar questions with regards to travel and family payments. Both parties dip inot the well a little too often. Maybe I'll live long enough to see some intelligence in American politics but I don't think so.

Robert Mayer

I'm not so sure politics anywhere is very intelligent. Seeing the Congressional approval ratings in the 30% range, contrary to many, has made me incredibly happy. Another recent poll shows that public care for the big issues they are fighting over -- judges etc... -- goes at around 1%. I think 2006 will see the same partisan bickering that usually goes on, over all the wrong issues while the real problems mount up, and 2008 forward could see the election of more independent minded mavericks.


You're more optimistic than I am. But then again, you have to; you have a lot longer to live than I do. There seems to be a desire for a "radical middle" out in the provinces. I confess to a desire to see that happen, but unless more party loyalists turn away from the sports mentality that pervades our politics, I'm not so sure we'll see centrist politics have much success.

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