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April 21, 2005


Miguel A. Alarcon

France will plan to embarog both the United States and South Korea and for others in the European Union if they bring any South Korean product or a product made by a SOuth Korean company will be illegal in France and that person will arrested in France for bringing a South Korean made car in France and even an American branded car in France or an American car, as for that American products and South Korean products are not allowed in France because they will be illegal.

As for that the French will buy North Korean products because North Korea will soon become France's number one exporter and importer and in the United States will not going to see any French wines and prefumes because France sets an embarog on the United States and North Korea will be the only Korea to purchase French wine and perfumes and other French products while South Korea will only get products form other countries instead of France and instaed of SOuth Koreans purchaseing French wine and perfume they will only get from Italy, Spain and California.
THats how it France will block imports from UNited States and South Korea just like the United States did on Cuba.
As like I am saying North Korea will provide for France and you will soon purchase North Korean products in France one of those days.


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