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April 29, 2005



Daniel, thanks for sharing your story.

My mother suffered from DVT, and it eventually led to several minor strokes as clots periodically travelled to her brain.

Our family traveled extensively during my childhood and later in life I became convinced that frequent, and long, high altitude flights (over 40,000 ft.) contributed to the condition. Breathing recirculated air, and sitting still for 8-12 hours - sometimes up to 22 hours - with the only exercise being a walk to the water closet to drain the last cup of coffee, or that free, Swiss Air cocktail, takes a toll on one's circulation.

I wish you a speedy recovery, and stay well-hydrated!


Yeah, Steve, long-distance travel is a contributing factor. Doctors used to call DVT "coach-class syndrom" because of the cramped quarters on a plane. In fact, I believe it was last year on a British Airways flght (don't quote me) that a young woman, with no apparent risk factors, died while leaving the plane after sleeping--and not moving much--on a very long trip.

My problem is that I had not been on a long trip before my symptoms showed themselves. Doctors are still scratching their heads on this one.

Thanks for the kind words.



I always liked David Bloom. There was something very genuine about him that transcended the "boob tube". Sometimes it's not just the eyes that mirror the soul (sorry for my always making a religious comment - but it is who I am.)
His whole being reflected a 'goodness' that seemed to touch those hearing his reports.

It is a damn shame to have lost him in this way...a devastating tragedy for his wife and three girls.

I am so happy, Daniel, we didn't lose YOU too!


Thank you for that, Maggie. I know I can always count on you to say exactly the right thing.

And you're right. David Bloom was what more reporters should be. I miss him. We will all miss him.



I developed a DVT in my femoral vein (Left leg) in May,2005. I was immeiately put in the hospital, had 6 days of heparin,and continue on coumadin till today( I'm up to 8 mg). I had a sonogram a few weeks ago which show that the DVT is almost all gone. BUT... I still have pain that is unberable at times. Walking seems to help somewhat. My team of doctors require that I walk at least 2 hours per day.

A few days after I was released from the hospital, I was at my primary care physicians office having an INR blood test done. All of a sudden, I remembered that when I was a young child (maybe around 5 years old) my grandma on my mom's side was in the hospital for a blood clot. When I told this to my doctor, he decided to do DNA testing and we discovered that I have Factor V Leiden.

My life has been horrible since this happened to me. No one can understand what goes through your mind when you get a DVT. Everytime I feel something in my leg, I panic.

My symptoms were fever, stomach ache, and pain in my leg. Funny thing is, I've had these symptoms 2 times before, and my doctor at the time told me it was cellulitus. So now we don't know if I've had a DVT three times in 6 years. But, the doctors feel that I have. THe pain that I have has been consistent for 6 years, but now it's unbearable most of the times.

I'm a very caring person... I have decided NOT to tell anyone in my immediate family that I have a DVT. I don't want my family to worry about me. My wife, frineds, and co-workers know, but they have no idea of what it's like.

A discussion with my mom a few weeks ago was focused about my grandma and I brought up the time that she was in the hospital with the blood clot. My mom was shocked that I remembered this, and then she also told me that my grandma's sister, died at 35 from a blood clot in her leg. If my family knew I am suffering from this, it would destroy them.

That's my story.

email TJB8853@aol.com


My husband, who's in his late 70s, has a neurological illness and is not very mobile, developed a DVT in his popliteal vein last Thanksgiving. He was put in the hospital and started on heparin, then Coumadin (warfarin). This was not a happy solution for him as he is in constant danger of falling, and although he fortunately has good bone density and has never broken anything, we now faced the worry of him bruising a great deal and, if he hit his head, possibly bleeding in his brain.

After he'd been in the hospital a few days my sister, who's an infectious disease specialist in Richmond, spoke to me on the phone and asked me if anyone had mentioned an IVC (inferior vena cava) filter. I said no.

She explained to me that it's a little device, usually made of titanium, that can be guided through a vein, rather like a stent, into place in the inferior vena cava (the vein that leads blood from the legs back to the heart, from where it is pumped to the lungs for reoxygenation -- the route that a deadly pulmonary embolus would follow). It usually stays there without problems, and it prevents any broken-off blood clot from reaching the lungs.

Apparently this is not the treatment of first choice, but in cases where blood thinners are contraindicated, it is a godsend. My husband had one inserted -- the people who do it are called, I believe, "Interventional Radiologists." It was done through his jugular vein under light sedation, and he was out of his hospital room for maybe 45 minutes. Then they had to taper him off the coumadin. He came home, he takes a regular aspirin (because he's big) a day to keep the filter from getting clogged, and we haven't had a worry or a problem.

Thought you all should know about this alternative solution.


Thanks for the information, amba


Hi all well i'm glad u are doing ok now.. i found this site cause i got the scare of my life recently (within last four days) i was in an ultrasound and sent to Emerg. diagnosis was DVT in both legs.. i wasn't quite sure what it was or what was going on but everyone treated me very well.. so i knew something was up.. i finally see a dr. and am told this is quite unusual for someone my age (43) to have in both legs (normally healthy, except fibromyalgia) figure i finally have answers to my pain maybe no more pain killers i am sick of them so i'm petrified but a little hopeful that this is my answer.. i was given an injection in my stomach(blood thinner) sent home and told to come back next day for another ultrasound as they can't believe i have it in both legs.. so off i go worried giving my kids all the love i have for them and telling them not too worry. .. and so on .. my husband in the meantime is being very supportive and i could see he was scared too...so he came with me to the hosp. following day for another ultrasound and the diagnosis was no dvt in either leg... i ask could the injection have fixed it etc.. they say no way... now what do i do??? yes the way they did the ultrasounds between the two ppl were slightly different but that's it.. i will let you know what happens after i speak to my dr.. i just wanted to let you all know that this happens.. TOTALLY FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED...

judith Smith

I am in a panic. I have already had a blood clot 28 years ago when I was expecting my son. Over the years I have experienced swelling of my legs, traveling, in car or plane or sometimes standing long periods, day after day. In the last month I have had swelling around my knee and my calf and it has kept me up at night. It really does not hurt all the time, mostly when I am not doing much. I am on the go a lot as I sell Real Estate. In 2004 I had a vascular surgeon do an ultra sound and they found nothing. I was very relieved. As I said I have had problems recently and currently with swelling, aching, etc. I went today and had another ultra sound at the same Doctors office, done by a tech. She found nothing, so I did not see the doctor. I have a father who has DVT and is now paralized on the left side from a stroke. Several of his siblings have also had strokes and many of the 11 children have had vein releated problems. My daughter has been told she has valve problems, and I am now 63 and feel lost as to what I should do next.
Should I get a second opinion? I have talked to my GP also and he was the one who sent me to the vascular doctor. I will be calling him in the morning.

Any suggestions?


I am being treated now for a DVT. I broke my leg a few monhts and the trauma and immobility resulted in a clot, which we just discovered few days ago. I was in the hospital for 2 days and then sent home with coumadin pills and lovenox injections. It is very scary. I'm so afraid of developing a PE. I've been having panic attacks worrying about it and so asked for medication to calm my nerves. I'm worried about how long I will be off of work, and I'm worried about my husband and kids having to do everything for me. This is a very stressful period and I'm not sure when I'll feel relief.

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