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February 24, 2005



Exactly. Great posting. :)

Ajay Chandra

Re "I'm not defending child molestation, but what were the parents thinking? Why would a parent allow their child to spend a night in Jackson's bed?"

This is different from the former cases. The person who says something like that may well be arguing that the child has been victimized both by the molester _and_ the parents. Parents who let their kids play in a crack house or meth lab are morally blameworthy, because they fail to give their kids what their kids deserve from them.

Your argument would be better served with the example of rapes in which female victims wear 'provocative' clothing or act flirtatiously.


Well, I did use that example. And while I agree that the analogy is not perfect, I meant it more as an example of how we tend to look at victims to find complicit activity. You are right that the children could be doubly victimized, once by neglect and the other by action. But the larger point goes to whom and how we focus our attention.

Thanks for the comment.

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