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January 08, 2005


Al Reasin

As an adult I have never understood how anyone could believe in unilateral peace efforts when life as a child on the schoolyard should have taught them otherwise. Try negotiating or accepting the demands of the playground bully and see where that gets you. Being much smaller that those in my age group, I tried all of the tactics that were peaceful in nature. It took a while and a bit of suffering, but I learned that Teddy Roosevelt was correct. I finally resorted to the “stick” after my anger over an inconsequential event one day unleashed my built-up fury. There were minimal problems after my unilateral attack on the biggest class bully. I guess the bullies found targets much softer than the perceived crazy one.


My brother had a similar epiphany in high school. A generally quiet and gentle person, he was provoked to the point where he slammed hell out of a bully. No one ever bothered him again. And know what? As his younger brother, I never had a problem either.

The problem with many liberals is that there is an almost pathological fear of being disliked coupled with the belief that all who exert power are equally suspect, which is nonsense.

My brother didn't automatically become a bully when he beat up the bully. He was the same person, only now everyone knew not to mess with him.

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